Christine Glas Serie


This is the best quality glass that we have seen.

All the glasses are extremely thin. You have to see it for yourself to believe this can be made in the 1:12th scale.

All items are made from hand blown glass painstakingly created individually by master craftsmen and women using traditional glass blowing techniques for that unique finish.

These are simply the best quality glass miniatures available.

Artofmini.com have designs to suit any era and would make a fantastic accessory for any of your dolls house scenes.

3-10 dagen

Bell Shaped Wine Glass

Een uitzonderlijke glas dat perfect zou staan in elk poppenhuis. Afm: 13mm hoog x 10mm breed
3-10 dagen

Clear Tall Bell Shaped Glass

Hand blown clear glass classic wide mouthed bell shaped wine glass. Size: 17 mm High x 8 mm Wide
3-10 dagen

Small Bell Shaped Wine Glass

Size: 13 mm High x 7 mm Wide
3-10 dagen

Bell Shaped Wine Glass

An exceptional glass item that would look perfect in any dolls house. Size: 18 mm High x 10 mm Wide