Glass Bells


Everything placed under a glass dome becomes special and seems to tell a story. A glass dome is a real "musthave" for every miniature home. The whole house, because a glass dome or cloche is allowed in every room!

Exclusive made for A true piece of craftsmanship of our glass blower!

3-10 dagen
Glas 1

Glass Bell (Diameter 20 mm)

Height: 28 mm
3-10 dagen
Glas 2

Glass Bell (Diameter 22 mm)

Height: 36,5 mm
3-10 dagen
Glas 3

Glass Bell (Diameter 24 mm)

Height: 39,6 mm.
3-10 dagen
Glas 4

Glass Bell (Diameter 28 mm)

Height: 40,3 mm.