Tools now also in the tools. All useful tools to create are her to find.

Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Prick Pens

Great to work with. For instance think of making small worm holes, or "scratching". Very sharp point!
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Professional Tweezers

These are the large tweezers (for using broad parts) for instance to turn the bear parts. from the tiny old bear kits.  They are long enough to be comfortable in your hand and the tip is not too pointed. The tip is rounded a bit and slightly blunt. They also have serrated jaws to grip the fabric. These are surgical forceps. Professional grade. They will last you many years.
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

glue syringe with curved tip and sealing cap!

Finally, a glue syringe with a sealing cap. Now you do not have to mess anymore with a pin or nail to close off or secure the tip. Perfect piece of equipment!