These boxes are great to fill. Unique thin plastic, without mold lines or glue edges. Just perfect.

Let your imagination go: fill the boxes not only with cookies or sweets, but, but what about baby socks, a perfume bottle, flowers etc. You can fill these boxes with so many item!

The golden boxes from Artofmini.com do offer many options as well: cut out a image of your choise, glue this onto the lid, fill the box with whatever you want. and you will have a unique box that nobody has.

Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Square Box Gold Coloured (Lid comes off)

Size: 15 x 15 x 5,5 mm
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Oval Box Gold Colour (Lid comes off)

Size: 20 x 16 x 6 mm
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Round Plastic Box (Lid comes off) Gold

Diameter: 16 mm, height: 6.5 mm
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Large Round Gold Coloured Box (Lid comes off)

Diameter: 22 mm
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Large Round Silver Coloured Box (Lid comes off)

Diameter: 22 mm